What are the best ingredients to use for a smoothie

One can take smoothies to serve as a creamy, delicious and refreshing meal in a glass, but the most important thing to look into is the ingredients in the smoothies. So the main question to ask your self is what the best ingredients to use for a smoothie are? Below is a list of ingredients that are believed to be the best for making your smoothies.

1. Fresh sweet cherries

The cherries contain vitamin c and anthocyanins nutrients that are good in fighting inflammation. This factor makes the cherry to be the best component to include in your smoothie as it helps your body to cool down and heal after a workout.

2. Wild blueberries

The wild blueberries contain more fibers that are very important to your body; they also contain antioxidants and a good source of manganese minerals which are essential for healthy bone development.

3. Ginger

Ginger adds some sweet taste to your smoothie and also helps in restoring stomach upset. After resistance exercise, ginger can be used to get you back to your normal body state as it helps in reducing inflammation and soreness.

4. Kiwi

Kiwi contains more than 100% value of recommended vitamin C that an individual has to take in a day, which is a crucial element in collagen formation. So using kiwi as an ingredient in your smoothies will be very important to your body.

5. Almond butter

Almond will provide quality and healthy fats, proteins, fiber and nutrition needed in your body. The cacao powder that is contained in almond butter has an antioxidant, and the whey powder the provides energy for your body during the day

6. Carrots

Carrots are another excellent source of smoothie ingredients; they are an excellent source of vitamin A and fiber. Vitamin A is essential for healthy skin as well for good eyesight. So why wait? Try these ingredients, and you will have a wonderful smoothie ever.