Top Fortnite Battle Royale Mistakes that You Need to Avoid

Fortnite Battle Royale is a real deal; it is challenging, yet fulfilling after surviving stage after stage and season after season.

If you are planning to play this huge game, the very first thing you need to do to survive is to have the best Fortnite Battle Royale keybinds, game settings, and gaming gear; you may see the settings the pros use to get comfortable with the game.

If you have chosen the best keybind and settings that are appropriate for your keyboard skills, you might as well take note of these top Fortnite Battle Royale mistakes that you need to avoid if you want to survive the current Fortnite season that you are playing.

Mistake #1: Hunting enemies before building

It is a sin not to build in Fortnite; if you are going to choose between building and shooting, you should choose the building. The Fortnite is based on the word “fort”; thus, to build an offense-defense tower that will help you survive against the 99 other players.

One of the biggest mistakes that most Fortnite players do is shooting the opponents without even trying to build a wall or anything that will shield them against the opponents. Fortnite is not a game of whoever has the most kills, he wins; instead, it is a game of patience, strategy, and speed.

Mistake #2: Doing offense without the right materials

The game starts with a flying bus, which you need to jump out of it. By the time you land in a safe area, which is either at the roof of any building at the central station or at the forest, your first aim is to have the right materials. Before you can build, you have to start to loot, work, or pick farming materials (whether it is for indoor or outdoor farming); but, make sure to include weapons on your list.

One of the common mistakes that most beginners do is engaging without materials. If you want to win, you have to have the right amount of mats before pushing; for instance, if you spotted an enemy alone in a building, you have to gather at least 100 mats. If in case it is a group of four, and the members are always on the look-out, you have to gather at least 600 mats before doing any offense.  By gathering as many as possible will help you build a wall, a fort, or a tower if you want to bring down an enemy.

Mistake #3: Having fun in building massively

Although fortnite is a game of building, do not forget it is a game where there are 99 opponents that are waiting for their chances to bring you down. So, refrain from building massive forts, especially if you are going to abandon them when you are into the next bubble. Plus, building too wide will put you into disadvantage; for instance, if you are going to build a fortress of 2 x 2, it’ll take time to move from one side to the other side just to watch out for enemies – unless you are playing with a team.

So, build wisely and with strategy. Do not act rash, or else it’ll be your downfall.