Three Primary Advantages of Alternative Medicine

Have you ever heard of the term “alternative medicine”? According to experts, alternative medicine is the term given to a range of medical therapies that are quite unorthodox. That means these are therapeutic techniques or medicines that are not typically what your doctor will prescribe. Examples of these are herbalism, acupuncture, and homeopathy.

There are three known advantages of alternative medicine, which is why it’s not surprising that you can buy weed in Prince George BC, particularly from dispensaries, since there are medical practitioners who prescribe medical cannabis for certain ailments and diseases. Here are those advantages.

Natural and Organic

The principal benefit of using herbal medicine is the use of natural ingredients. There is no substitute when these are used fresh just like the old times but this is too inconvenient and the dosage is never precise. The idea behind commercialization is to make the formulation precise, to make the process convenient, and to make the active ingredient concentrated without the need to gorge into huge quantities of natural sources.

If one has the time to do all the tedious steps involved in preparing the natural treatments, this can certainly address the need for cost-effective and accessible treatments. If the active ingredients, however, exists only in trace amounts and requires consuming huge quantities of the natural source, these are better administered as pills. Choosing and consuming pills and other commercially manufactured supplements must be done with caution. Check the composition, the formulation and dosage, side effects, indication and contraindications, and the maker. Get guidance from product reviews and compare its features with other brands. Consult your physician particularly when you have underlying medical conditions.

Safer and Multi-systemic

Most natural remedies pose less risks but one can never be too trusting. In the same way that people may be sensitive to certain natural foods, certain people can be sensitive to certain natural components. Reading the labels or product literature is always advisable. Consulting a doctor is always necessary to foster safety.

It is well noted that many herbs provide multiple benefits in terms of addressing a variety of systemic issues simultaneously. For instance Ginseng, Reishi mushrooms, and Astragalus can enhance both the immune and digestive systems. Garlic and ginger are the most widely studied natural ingredients that are scientifically proven to have multiple benefits and can treat as well as prevent numerous ailments including cancer. These have antibiotic properties; garlic is now being used to treat hospital-acquired infections that are already resistant to most antibiotics.

Long Tradition and Experience

It is hard to turn ones’ back to natural remedies that your mom and grandma have administered to you as a child. More likely, you will be using the same ginger tea with lemon and honey on your child when he/she complains of sore throat or gastric discomfort or apply garlic paste on insect bites. The trust is there because of good experiences that you grew up with. The only difference between then and now is the fact that many of the commonly used herbs have now been validated with scientific studies. Further, these are now mostly being processed into supplements.

It is true that favoring herbal alternative medicine means living with certain disadvantages. With its continued popularity, public health is at stake.  With guidance, vigilance and prudence, one may be able to downplay such.