The Ultimate Guide for Men on How to Pick the Right Belt for Suits

Wearing suits sans belt has become a trendy fashion right now. But for some men, wearing a suit without one is incomplete. Moreover, they believe that this accessory enhances the appearance of a person, especially when going on a business meeting or a job interview wherein you need to look professional.

There is a rule in wearing belts and suits. Take note that not all belts are compatible with a specific suit color and style. You have to find the right match to look your best.

Sadly, there are guys who find the matching part difficult. As a result, they choose the wrong one, which always ends in a fashion disaster.

To dress impeccably, you have to learn the rules on selecting the correct belts for specific suits. And the good news is, there are online sources like the Men in Fashion can assist you. Also, check out these tips below for an additional guideline.

Tips on Choosing a Belt

Remember that there are dress belts and casual belts. The former is used for formal gatherings and business-related events. The latter is a good option for informal parties or going out with friends. However, there are occasions wherein these two types of belts overlap in design, making it difficult for a person to decide on which to pick.

To make things easier, below are some tips that will help you find the correct dress belt for suits.

#1 Check the Belt StrapColor and Size

A good rule of thumb when selecting a dress belt is selecting darker and deeper colors. You will never go wrong in selecting belts with black and dark brown colors.

Although oxblood, tan, navy, and gray might work, however, you have to be careful matching it with the suit. Moreover, these colors are veering towards casual, which means it is not the best choice for formal occasions.

Always mind the strap size. The recommended strap size for formal belts is 1.25 inches with a waistline less than 34 inches. The 1.5 inches belt strap is also doable for formal use.

#2 Mind the Strap Material

Leather is the only acceptable material for a dress belt. Well, most formal belts at stores are made of this material, hence you won’t have a problem recognizing which belt is suitable for formal attire from not.

Leather belts are indeed expensive. If you don’t have the budget for it, consider faux leather. It is durable and low-maintenance. Likewise, good quality faux leather looks realistic. But take note that faux leather will never achieve the high-quality aesthetics of a genuine one.

#3 It’s All About the Buckle

Buckles vary in design and sizes. Some of them are perfect for formal occasions, while there are specific styles that fit only for casual use.

The best buckle design for formal belts is frame style and box frame. Both are guaranteed durable and secure the dress pants.

Additional Advice

Your belt should match the color of your suit and must have the same level of shininess as your shoes. If you follow this advice, no doubt, you’ll look dapper and handsome.

Do you want more advice about belts? Check out the Male in Fashion for additional tips and guidelines.