The Coolest Spring 2018 Haircut and Color Ideas

What type of brunette hairstyles for women is the coolest during Spring 2018? And, which hair color is the most popular and recommended color this year as well? There are a couple of hairstyles and colors that you should consider if you are looking for a fashionable hairstyle during Spring 2018. These are all hairstyles and color that you can consider.

Blunt Bob

With the blunt bob hairstyle, it doesn’t matter if you have straight or curly hair. This will be a great haircut if you prefer a shorter hairstyle of a bit of longer bob style.

The haircut is known as the top brunette hairstyle for women during Spring. However, you can color your hair any of the top Spring colors. It doesn’t need to be brunette to work. The best part is that you can straight your hair, or you can curl your hair. It depends on if you want to have a formal look or informal look.

Gray colored hair

No, we aren’t talking about the gray hair that older people are getting. This is a color that you can color your hair with. There are the purple-gray, the dark gray or the blond-gray colors.

This is the number one hair color choice for this year. And, if you are considering getting a new color, anyone of these gray color options is going to be great. You can combine the gray hair color with the latest hairstyle, like the pixie haircut for women, and you will be fashionable during Spring 2018.

Two-toned colored hair

This was the top color choice for 2017, and this is again one of the top color choices for Spring 2018. The two-toned colored hair. For example,at the top of the hair, your hair is blond, or even red. And, at the bottom of your hair, your hair is dark, almost black.

There are brunette hairstyles for women, where they are coloring their hair anoutrageous color like pink or blue on the top, and leave the rest their normal brunette color on the bottom. This isn’t something that will fit just anyone, but if you are looking for something different, this might be a color to consider.

Short pixie haircut

The short pixie haircut for women is still the hairstyle choice for Spring 2018. More and more women are considering this haircut because this is so easy to manage. There is the longer pixie cut and there is the shorter cut. You can also choose the outgrown pixie haircut. They are all fashionable and the hairstyle for this year.

Now, you don’t need to wonder what hairstyle you should choose for Spring 2018. With this article, you will know the top hairstyles and the top colors that you can choose your hair to be. There are a huge variety of other hairstyles as well that will be great for this spring. You should just talk with your hairdresser and discuss the brunette hairstyles for women that are going to be fashionable for Spring 2018.