The Best Induction Cooktops From Duxtop

Coming up with the best cooktops in the market is not an easy task for anyone. Especially when you find crafted second hand burners still in the market. Knowing the real product is what can save you from buying a poor quality of a cooktop.  Take a step further to find out the best induction burners for you.

9300ST-Ultra Thin Full Glass Top Induction Cooktop

It is an ultra-thin model and light that can be transported from any place your kitchen. The top part consists of glass material that with a single wipe it is enough. If you need a model that is portable and you can manage easily, get this one.

It makes your interior kitchen look pleasing with its stylish design. It has a durable control panel that is easy to use.  It has a fifteen power level ranging from one hundred to fifteen hundred watts. The temperature levels from one hundred and forty to four hundred and sixty degrees. You cannot find the child safety lock in this model.

Duxtop-7100MC-Portable Induction Cooktop

It has all the essential features like temperature adjustment, control panel, power level adjustment, timer with display and auto pan detection. It has no safety lock and a touch panel with sensor. It is ideal for people looking for entry level cooktop.

Sensor touch portable induction cooktop

It is an advanced cooktop with full touch sensor panel and a safety lock system. It has a long term of touch control panel comparing it to the button switch that spoils quickly. It shuts down automatically if it detects no cookware.

The Duxtop 9600LS induction cooktop

This covers like almost all the features in the best brands of burners. Most of the features are automatic making work easier for you by just controlling it. Has a manual for you to read and fix those areas you do not understand. Most people are very happy with this choice for it cannot be compared with any other.

What you need to know

All top cook burners are designed for a specific function with different features. They are not all the same but it depends heavily with what you need most. The more features the less work for you when it comes to using it. The features vary from each of the burner and so the prices.

If you consider a specific burner is expensive, look at what it offers you. If the services are up to standards and you do not strain much using your energy to cook, then it is worth the price. Most of the burners are portable and so you can use them from anywhere you want.


A good cooktop will serve you well without underestimating it. You feel its value when you are using it and you do not have to complain. If you do a research on burners, you expose yourself to know the best quality for you to purchase. A cooktop that is used by the majority is referred as the best quality but it is always good for you to get your choice.