Product Review: What Makes the Weber Genesis II E 410 Great?

For many years, the Weber Genesis has made several marks as one of the most sought and reliable brands of gas grills in the market; in fact, all their new inventions or innovations have gained popularity and always tops the sales list and even the product review.

But what makes the Weber Genesis II E 410 so Great?

To fully understand how it works, it is essential to go over the product description, specifications, and even its pros and cons.

Product Description:

Weber Genesis II E 410 is one of the popular models of gas grills that the manufacturer have invented or innovated. It is designed with four 12,000 BTU top ported stainless steel burners, having 646 square inches of grilling space (primary) with a total cooking area of 844 square inches. Also, the E 410 is manufactured with main burners having 48,000 BTU max output. Not only that, here are a few more details about the Weber Genesis II E 410:

•    Manufactured with push-button electric ignition; however, it requires an AA-battery.
•    The cast- iron cooking grates are coated with porcelain.
•    Constructed with enameled steel, cast-aluminum, and the stainless steel.
•    Designed with dual layer hood
•    The total design of the gas grill is open-cart, which you’ll be cooking outdoors in no time.
•    The Weber Genesis II E 410 is available in four different colors – copper, black, crimson, and some smoke colors.
•    It has a 10-year warranty.

Product specifications:

•    The grilling area has 646 square inches that have addition 198 square inches that is available on the warming rack.
•    The burners of E 410 are rated 12,000 BTU per hour for each of the burners.
•    The grates are sized 34 x 19 inches.
•    The heating power is at 74 BTU per hour per square inch of the grilling space.
•    The entire product dimension – 31 x 61 x 61 inches.

What to love about the grill:

There are numbers of gas grills that you can find in the market today; but, what makes Weber Genesis II E 410 great is its 4 burner which is an upgrade from the three burner Spirit gas grill and you do not have to spend more just to get the best.

The Pros:

•    The E 410 is manufactured as a solid construction, having all parts durable.
•    It provides even heat when you are cooking or grilling.
•    Its massive size provides you a better grilling experience

The Cons:

•    It will take you more than an hour just to assemble the E 410.
•    You need to purchase the IGrill 3 separately if you want to track the internal temperature.

Final Thoughts

The Weber Genesis has invented and innovated a reliable, durable, and quality gas grill, where you can buy at a reasonable price – just like the E 410. So, if you want to have a better grilling experience, it would be nice if you have a massive-sized gas grill that performs exceptionally.