Even though escaping great outdoor may seem as simple as throwing a tent, it is also critical that you also think about your energy requirements. But, at the same time you do not want some noisy generator disrupting your outdoor fun, do you? You need to get a portable solar panel because of its efficiency and convenience. The question is, will it provide the energy needed to power everything on your next adventure so don’t leave your home without these.

Portable solar devices are more like the panel system fixed on your rooftop when it comes to functionality and appearance. The difference is portable are small, so you do not need to attach them to a roof; all you need is fold them, connect, use and that it. The question is how many kWh does a portable solar panel produce? Well, the amount of electricity a portable solar panel produces will depend on three factors:

Panel efficiency

Basically, the system of portable panel operates at about 14% efficiency, which means that the panel can convert just about 14 percent of captured solar energy from the sun into power. So, a 144 watts solar system generates about 120 watts of power. This power is enough energy to charge your standard battery for about four hours and can power a laptop or whatever portable device you have for about 3 hours. You will see panels that produce somewhere between 210 watts to 320, which basically corresponds to a panel that produces in STC ( standard test condition).

Sunlight exposure

Hours of exposure to sunlight determines the amount of power the solar panel will receive and ultimately the one it produces to use on your devices. If there are some shades in the clouds this means that your panel won’t produce as much power as you would have expected.

The size of your panel

The size and efficiency of your panel are two fundamental factors that determine the output production, so the smaller the panel, the less power you should expect. You shouldn’t expect portable solar to power all your household needs, because this requires around 30 Kwh, and a small portable solar panel produces about 5% -10 % of this amount. A 45 watts portable solar panel will generally give you enough to power your electronic devices or your phone.

Remember when we are talking about kWh, we are talking about the amount of work the energy uses in one hour of time. So when we say that using a 100 watts microwave for instance, or solar panel for that case for one hour would use 1kwh of energy. So don’t confuse the two, one is the measure of energy (Kwh) while the other one is the measure of power. So let’s take an example of a 250 watt STC panel. If you multiply the panel by the number of hours of sun it gets in a day you will get the Kwh the panel produces in that day. So, in the United State, the usable sun shines for about 4 hours, right? So the number of kWh you get is 250-watts times 4 hours. That about 1kwh in a day, which is enough to power pretty much all your devices on your next RV on your next trip.

Of course, a solar panel harvests energy from the sun and turns it into electricity, but you will need a few additional components in order to have a functional system. Either way, the energy you get is enough for your power needs on your next trip.

What type of brunette hairstyles for women is the coolest during Spring 2018? And, which hair color is the most popular and recommended color this year as well? There are a couple of hairstyles and colors that you should consider if you are looking for a fashionable hairstyle during Spring 2018. These are all hairstyles and color that you can consider.

Blunt Bob

With the blunt bob hairstyle, it doesn’t matter if you have straight or curly hair. This will be a great haircut if you prefer a shorter hairstyle of a bit of longer bob style.

The haircut is known as the top brunette hairstyle for women during Spring. However, you can color your hair any of the top Spring colors. It doesn’t need to be brunette to work. The best part is that you can straight your hair, or you can curl your hair. It depends on if you want to have a formal look or informal look.

Gray colored hair

No, we aren’t talking about the gray hair that older people are getting. This is a color that you can color your hair with. There are the purple-gray, the dark gray or the blond-gray colors.

This is the number one hair color choice for this year. And, if you are considering getting a new color, anyone of these gray color options is going to be great. You can combine the gray hair color with the latest hairstyle, like the pixie haircut for women, and you will be fashionable during Spring 2018.

Two-toned colored hair

This was the top color choice for 2017, and this is again one of the top color choices for Spring 2018. The two-toned colored hair. For example,at the top of the hair, your hair is blond, or even red. And, at the bottom of your hair, your hair is dark, almost black.

There are brunette hairstyles for women, where they are coloring their hair anoutrageous color like pink or blue on the top, and leave the rest their normal brunette color on the bottom. This isn’t something that will fit just anyone, but if you are looking for something different, this might be a color to consider.

Short pixie haircut

The short pixie haircut for women is still the hairstyle choice for Spring 2018. More and more women are considering this haircut because this is so easy to manage. There is the longer pixie cut and there is the shorter cut. You can also choose the outgrown pixie haircut. They are all fashionable and the hairstyle for this year.

Now, you don’t need to wonder what hairstyle you should choose for Spring 2018. With this article, you will know the top hairstyles and the top colors that you can choose your hair to be. There are a huge variety of other hairstyles as well that will be great for this spring. You should just talk with your hairdresser and discuss the brunette hairstyles for women that are going to be fashionable for Spring 2018.

It is quite vital to have some factors to consider before you make purchases of a hairdryer. When you want to get the best hairdryer which is of your luxurious, this features will help you to buy. You should choose a best hair dryer which has the features for you. There are different types of the hair dryers but it is advisable to choose the one that has the features that are recommended by the professionals to avoid common hair problems and make your hair be routinely hassle-free. We have different types of hair dryers; ionic, which produces either negative or positive ions which eliminate moisture. When you buy less expensive hair dryers which produce positive ions can leave ones’ hair damaged. There other types of hair dryers e.g. tour marine, far infrared and others. The following are some of the key factors that you have to put in mind when buying a hair dryer.

  1. The usage of the hair dryer.

A powerfulbest hair dryer or a travel hair dryerthat contains a multiple settings and a fixed ergonomic handle is always the best for home use. It is not easy to break down and even short circuit. This hair dryer is very economical because you can buy once but can serve you for several days.

  1. The quality of the hair dryer.

You should learn to buy a quality hair drier that can serve your demands best. It is advisable to buy a hair dryer which contain a ceramic heating element that is infused with the tourmaline. When you buy a non-quality hair dryer, it can be cheap but gives the worst services.

  1. Hair type and length.

You should look for a more powerful hair dryer when you have a thick, coarse hair. You can get the one which consumes less power if your hair is naturally thin, delicate and straight. There are some of the hair dryers that can fit for short hair and others that fits long hair. It is the choice of you to see the one that you can best buy.

  1. Portability of the hair dryer.

When buying a hair dryer, it is your duty to make sure that you have the best hair dryer for yourself. If you are always on the mode of travelling, it is quite good to look for the hair dryer that can be portable in case of movement. There are some of the types of the hairdryers which are so heavy and thus they became so bulky in your movement. It is advisable for you to buy a hair dryer that you can hold it at your hand comfortably without getting tired.

In conclusion to this, when you are choosing a best hair dryer for yourself, make sure that you choose the one that suits your type of hair. The use of the modern technology makes it easier than ever to blow dry your hair at your home while you protect it from any form of damage.

Choosing pixie haircuts for women with African American origins can be difficult. You don’t want a haircut that looks nice but that also compliments the face. It’s really tough at the best of times to know which haircut will work for you but of course, pixie haircuts have really become popular. If you are thinking about choosing a pixie haircut then you have to know which sort of styles might work for you. Read on to find a few tips that might prove useful to you as well as five short pixie haircuts also.

5 Amazing Short Pixie Haircuts

  1. The Pixie Curls – A Shorter Hairstyle with Gorgeous Curls
  2. The Pixie Layers – A Short Hairstyle With Several Layers To Offer More Volume
  3. The Pixie Two-Toned – A Gorgeous Short Haircut With Lots of High And Low Lights
  4. The Long-Short Pixie Cut – A Beautiful Haircut With A Grown Out Fringe And Short At The Back
  5. The Side-Look – A Great Pixie Haircut With A Side Sitting Fringe

The above hairstyles and haircuts are great and they can be an ideal way to enhance your look. Of course when it comes to creating a gorgeous haircut you have to think very careful as to what you are going to love most. Brunette hairstyles for women can look nice and you can pull off any look with a bit of confidence!

Think Before You Choose a Hairstyle or Haircut

If you are not too sure which hairstyle or haircut would suit you best, why not take a very good and long think about it! You should think about looking at a wide variety of hairstyles so that you can find the one which suits you the most. Lots of people don’t think and end up with a style they don’t like. It’s really important to take a few minutes out to look at the type of hairstyles you think about or like. Pixie haircuts for women can look amazing on you and if you think carefully about which hairstyles you like you can get the best looks.

Don’t go too short until you’re sure

For those who aren’t used to short, short hairstyles, you have to be very careful before you cut your hair. Yes, the hairstyle might be lovely but if you are not used to short hair it might be a nasty shock to begin with. Instead, you might want to gradually shorten the hair so that you get used to the look. It might sound a bit strange but in truth it’ll be a lot easier to say the least. Brunette hairstyles for women can look amazing but just be wary before you start cutting your hair very short. Pixie haircuts can look nice though and the above five are really unique styles too.

Love Your Locks

Not sure which pixie hairstyle is for you? Don’t worry you are not the only one who isn’t too sure which hairstyle is for you. Why don’t you take the time to look for the best hairstyle and ensure you find one which suits your face and enhances your style also? There has never been a better time to try a new haircut today. Pixie haircuts for women can look amazing and really be complimentary also.

When it comes to taking care of your hair and your skin, it can feel like the list of chemicals on the bottles makes the product designer have not create larger bottles just to fit it all in!

And while there is no doubt that many of these products do that they claim they will do, almost all of them will do it with the use of chemicals.

If you are tired of putting chemicals through your hair and on your skin, below are three great hair and beauty products you can make in your kitchen

Oily Hair

Of all the hair types, oily hair has to be the worst! Why? Because instead of manageable locks you are left with thick hair that drips oil over the shiny new shoes you just picked up from the Groupon Coupons page for Journeys. Okay, maybe it isn’t that bad, but you get the idea.

Instead of your regular scalp and hair treatments which are full of nasty chemicals, consider making your own.

Start with:

  • Around 7-8 ounces of water
  • A tablespoon of apple cider vinegar

Once you have these, add half of the water into a bowl and stir in the apple cider vinegar. Then, slowly continue to add more water until you reach a consistency to spark your hair. Then, find yourself somewhere comfortable and give your hair a good rinse through with the solution.

Of course, once you have finished you will want to wash out any of the excess solution, and any excess oil that it has taken away with it!

Dry Hair

Of course, at the other end of the spectrum is dry hair, which is almost just as unmanageable as oily hair.  If you find yourself battling dry hair each morning, here is a great natural alternative.

You will need:

That’s it! Take the flaxseed oil and pour a small amount into the palm of your hand. Then, rub your hands together gently before patting the oil through your hair. When you do this, try to avoid your scalp as this can lead to clogged pores and potential scalp problems and irritations.

Once the oil has been in your hair for about 10 minutes give it a solid rinse and then let it dry naturally. Once it is dry you will find that your hair is much easier to manage and will look fantastic!

A Facial

Finally, it’s time for a facial! And while you may be used to lathering on lawyers and lawyers of chemicals, this tip is a little more delicious.

You will need:

Once you have these two items, pour the yogurt into a bowl, then slowly drizzle in honey until you have made a thick paste. With the paste, smother it all over your face and neck then sit back and relax for around 10 minutes.

Once the time is up, resist the urge to eat the face cream and instead wash it off with clean water, then dry your face completely with a fresh clean towel.

Keeping your hair and skin looking and feeling good doesn’t have to involve a lot of chemicals, just a few ingredients from your pantry and refrigerator!

Pixie haircuts for women—are they going to work for you? A lot of women want the ideal look for their hair but finding the perfect design is really tough. However, it does seem as though most women are taking some inspiration from celebrities and it’s not hard to see why. When you see movie stars on the television or in movies they are so perfect and their hair looks fantastic! Everyone wants to look just as good and sometimes certain celeb looks can work for you too.

The Right Hair Shade

Celebs change their looks and their locks all the time and you have to think about what’s practical for you. While the deep pink hairstyle might look great, will that shade really be ideal for you? If you are thinking about choosing a new hair shade for your locks you have to think a little more on the practical side and not just what looks good. Remember, if you’re going out to work and you have to bring an air of professionalism to the office, having a green hairstyle with pink highlights might raise some questions! It’s a little thing to think about especially when in the office. Brunette hairstyles for women can work but the right brown shade had to be found. You want a simple shade but one that highlights your hair rather than detract from it.

Longer Looks

Long hairstyles are in! However, while it’s great to opt for the longer hair you have to think about a length, which is practical for you and what you are going to be able to manage. If you don’t want to wait for the hair to grow long then you could always choose extension. These can be ideal and you can easily clip them into your hair for convenience. Pixie haircuts for women might not really be the one for you so think carefully. Longer hairstyles are what most people want.

Be Wary Of Hairstyles

You have to be extremely wary when it comes to copying the celebs and choosing shorter hair because the celebs can choose expensive extensions while you might not be able to. It really important to opt for a cut that looks good but practical. Brunette hairstyles for women need to look good but practical. It’s important to ensure the right cut is found. A lot of women don’t get the right look and end up disliking what they see.

Choose the Celeb Look

Everyone wants the celeb look simply because it always looks amazing and it’s very important for you to find the right look too. There are lots of amazing styles for you to choose from and you can absolutely get a look which looks good but is also practical. It’s never been better to look at the celebrity look as the styles can be fantastic. You will love how your hair looks and it’s not that costly to get the lovely look either. Pixie haircuts for women can be great and you will love how they look on you too.

Check out this link for more informations and help: http://www.goodhousekeeping.com/beauty/hair/g847/celebrity-haircuts/

Brunette hairstyles for women can look amazing but the right one will absolutely compliment you fully! This is what every woman wants because their hair can sometimes be their best feature. However, choosing a black hairstyle can often be difficult. You want a hairstyle that looks great but makes you feel good at the same time. It can be tough to find the perfect or ideal hairstyle for you. Read on to find out more.

A Pixie Cut

Pixie haircuts for women can be somewhat ideal for those who want a shorter hairstyle. Now, pixie cuts can look great no matter whom you are or if you have the thinnest or thickest of hair either. However, you have to get the right pixie cut. For most women they love the look of someone else’s hair but when it comes to theirs, it’s not really what they want. You have to think about which exact cut is going to work for you so that the best can be found.

Shoulder Length Hairstyles

Longer hairstyles can absolutely be ideal. Having longer hair means you can style a little more and have a wide variety of styles rather than just the one. This can be great because you can curl the hair for one occasion and then opt for the straight look for another. There are really a lot of great hairstyles to choose from when you have longer locks. What is more, longer hair can be sometimes easier to work with than shorter hair! Brunette hairstyles for women can work. You really need to take the time to find a style that looks great but also compliments you to the fullest.

Think About What You Like

You want to choose a new hairstyle well you have to think about what you actually like! What do you like and what do you think will work for you too? Far too many people don’t think about what’s going to be practical or what they like and end up with a hairstyle that really doesn’t work for them. That’s a waste of time and money and it’s a waste for your hair too. You should take some time out to look at the various hairstyles out there and what’s going to work for you too. It’ll make a real difference and you never know you might find the pixie haircuts for women might work for you.

Choose the Best Hairstyle

Every woman wants to look her best and yet we don’t always get the right hairstyles to compliment us. It’s a real problem to say the least and it’s something which happens far too often. There are so many people who say they love one look but when they get the look for themselves, it’s just not ideal! You want to avoid that if you can so that you get a look which really appeals to you whether you look like a movie star or just opt for a more subtle look. Brunette hairstyles for women can be ideal on you if the right one can be found.

When you want great brunette hairstyles for women it can often be difficult. You may love your brunette hair but when you have a rounder face you can think it’s hard to make it less noticeable. In a way, the right haircut can help but if you don’t take the time to find the right one, it might not really work for you. So, what are the best short hairstyles for women with round faces? Read on and find a few simple styles that might work to your advantage.

Don’t Tuck It Over

Women often have the habit of tucking their hair behind their ears but when you want to make your round face a lot less noticeable you have to stop doing this! It doesn’t matter if you have long or short hair, tucking the hair back often shows a round face more so than when it’s hanging at the side of the face. It might seem a little strange to say but it’s true. If you aren’t convinced why not look in the mirror and see if you see any difference! You probably will. Pixie haircuts for women are great but many often tuck their hair behind their ears and again, it’s not going to hide a round face. Don’t tuck!

Short Hairstyles Can Work

If you have a really round face having longer hair might not be ideal. For most people, they tie back their hair during certain times such as when they’re out eating or shopping and if you want to make a round face less noticeable a shorter hairstyle might work. The reason why is simply because you can cut the hair into your face so the shape of your face appears changed because of the hair. That can be ideal and really a good hairdresser can help suggest which cut would suit your face a little more. Brunette hairstyles for women with round faces are easy to come by but it’s important to think before you jump!

Hiding a Round Face

At times, it’s not easy to hide or take away the shape of your face. It doesn’t matter if you have long hair or short, trying to make people less aware of the shape of your face is really tough to do without the right hairstyle. Far too many people think round faces mean no hair cut or style will work for them no matter what they do which isn’t exactly correct. There are many good hairstyles if you take the time to look for one. Pixie haircuts for women are nice but again they don’t suit everyone. If you don’t want a short hairstyle you can still have a longer cut, but maybe think about adding layers or bangs at the sides so it helps to hide the face.

Love Your Shorter Hair

For most people, they want to make their round faces a lot less noticeable for one reason or another and it’s not hard to see why. People can often feel self conscious about their looks and it’s important for the right cut to make the less round. It seems strange but a lot of people worry about the shape of their face. A good cut can help solve the problem. Find the best brunette hairstyles for women today.