How to humanely get rid of rats and mice

If a person has mice in their home they are going to want to get rid of them. While mice may seem cute from a distance, once they start nesting there can be hundreds of them in a short time. The urine from a mouse is also a hazard to one’s health. There are some ways on how to humanely get rid of rats and mice without killing them.

Mouse Proof the Home

The best way to fight back against an infestation is to keep the mice from coming in the home. If there is a tree near the home check the branches to make sure they are not acting as bridges that are leading to the home. Check the outside of the home for any holes or gaps. If there is an opening a larger than a quarter inch or larger than a mouse can get in it. Weather stripping should be used around all doors and windows.

Repellent Scents

There are some scents that mice cannot stand and they will stay away from them. Mice hate the smell of garlic, peppermint, and spices, especially cayenne pepper. A cotton ball can be soaked in peppermint oil and placed around the areas where the mice have become active. This is a safe alternative. The mice will be repelled by these scents. Mice are smart so the home will still need to be sealed up tightly.

Keep the Home Clean

Mice live clutter and crumbs. If food is left around they will help themselves. Be sure to keep food containers sealed up and clean up properly after cooking. Trash should be kept in containers that have storage lids to keep the mice away.

Humane Mouse Traps

There are some humane mouse traps that are sold that can be used. These traps will catch the mice and will trap them in an enclosed area. The mouse will not be able to escape. The traps do not use glue or toxic chemicals that will harm the mouse. These traps need bait. Some of the best bait for mice include cookie crumbs and peanut butter. When releasing the mouse back into nature be sure to go at least a half mile away from the home. Do not release them right outside because they will come back. Each trap can hold around a dozen mice.

Line the Home

This may sound a little odd but line the home with aluminum foil. Mice hate this foil and they will stay away from it. The foil can be placed in the part of the home where the mice are suspected to be living and feeding. While it may look a little odd, keep aluminum foil-lined around the outside of the room will prevent mice from taking up residence there. When wrapping up food this foil can also keep the mice from munching on it.

These are some humane ways to deal with a mice infestation. Mice can be pests but it does not mean they should be killed. These methods will keep the mice away from the home and they will not be harmed in the process.