How to Give Memorable Baby Gifts

More often than not, babies are the easiest people to shop for, but since they are too young to understand the value of a gift, it is the parents that you mostly have to please. Giving gifts should not feel like a task you have to do but rather something you do because you enjoy doing it and want the recipient to remember you every time they see or use that gift. It should be the thought that counts after all.

Having a new baby in the family is always a cause for celebration, but it isn’t an excuse to go overboard with your gift-giving. Above all else, new parents will prefer to be practical especially if they are a little short on cash. Giving new born baby gifts like diapers, bath products like soaps, shampoos and lotions, as well as diaper rash creams is always a good idea and one that the new parents will appreciate.

The thing about babies is that they grow up fast so if you are thinking of getting baby clothes, make sure you get them in larger sizes to accommodate the baby’s growth. When choosing the clothes you give, you must keep the baby’s comfort in mind and as such, the best baby shower gifts should be approximately 4-6 pieces wide-necked cotton shirts with matching cotton pants, at least 2 baby blankets, several bibs, 2 pairs of footie pajamas, outer suits, hats, booties and socks. To round up your gift, you may also include essential things like baby bottles and carriers, baby spoons and plates, pillows with matching pillowcases, crib mobiles or a brush and comb set. You can also include cute rattles, teething rings and a potty training chair. There are many online stores these days that offer these items in sets which may be the best way to purchase them to avoid forgetting anything important.

However, nothing goes over quite well than personalized baby gifts that you can get from PersonalizedByKate.com. There is nothing new parents love more than being able to keep some sort of remembrance of their babies, one that will let them remember the precious moments like casting their footprints or handprints in bronze, or keeping a lock of their baby’s hair in lockets. Nothing expresses thoughtfulness more than giving gifts with the baby’s name and birth date printed, embroidered or sewn on it, as a memento of their arrival in the world. A wall decal with the baby’s name is a good idea, too, as well as toys with its name and birth date. Baby quilts as well, make perfect personalized gifts so it is important that you choose the best baby quilt patterns to make your gift extra special.

Having a new baby can be time-consuming and makes parents tend to forget about themselves, being so focused on the baby and all. You can also give extras for the parents like gift certificates for a massage session for two or a weekend getaway at some romantic retreat. Make sure not to give gift certificates that will expire shortly as busy parents may not get to use them right away. You can also include rose-scented bath oils or lotions for Mum to pamper herself with after she puts the baby to sleep at night. Giving memorable gifts need not be a stressful endeavor, especially when you know where and what to look for.