How Far Apart Should the Hammock Posts Be?

A hammock is an excellent choice to spend a lazy day at home. This luxurious and comfortable bed is affordable almost for everyone. One fantastic thing about hammocks is that you don’t need lots of space to use it. If you have adequate space to put up two strong posts in your backyard, you can hang a hammock and use it to relax after a long day’s work or to get a nap. But how far apart should the hammock posts be? Let’s look at some of the factors to help you determine the best distance between two hammock posts.

Factors to Help You Determine the Right Distance Between Two Hammock Posts

The Length of Your Hammock

Hammocks come in a wide variety of sizes, and one should use the hammock’s length to determine the distance between two posts. Different manufacturers produce hammocks with different dimensions. Therefore, there is no standard distance between two posts.

What you need to do is take out your hammock, lay it on the ground, unroll it, and measure its length. After determining its length, add 4ft to it, which means 2ft on each side. Erect your posts with a distance of your hammock length plus 4ft. This will be an excellent place to start. You can learn more about Hammocks onĀ this website.

The Rope’s Tension

This is another factor that will play a role in your post placement. Different ropes come with different tensions. There are some ropes which stretch, but others don’t. For instance, nylon ropes stretch with regard to the weight applied. This means that they increase in length. On the other hand, natural ropes don’t stretch. If you will be using ropes that stretch a lot, set the posts further away from each other. This way, even after the ropes have stretched, your hammock won’t be too close to the ground. Don’t forget to keep your rope’s tension in mind while putting up the posts.

Your Desired Hammock Height

Different people have various choices when it comes to hammock’s height. Some people like it when it’s close to the ground so that they can easily and quickly get in and out, while others like it when it’s a bit higher from the ground. You can adjust the post position according to your desired height. If you want it close to the ground, move the posts closer to each other. If you want it high up, move the posts a little further away from each other.

A hammock is perfect for unwinding after a busy day or for spending a lazy day relaxing outside. Also, it’s easy to transport, making it a good choice for campers. If you have been asking which the right distance between two hammock posts, then put the above factors in mind and you’ll have an ideal space to rest. Just ensure that your posts have good height so the hammock can hang well. Also, the posts should be firm and sturdy enough to carry your weight. I’m sure you may not want to fall as you rest. Enjoy your hammock!