Buyers guide to garden hoses

Having a good water hose for your garden is a beautiful thing that can happen to any gardener. The best value, flexible hose is not always the cheapest. When you are buying a hose, you will still want one that will offer you the best services but not the one that will cost you a fortune. Here is buyers guide to garden hoses that will guide you to select the best in the market.


A garden hose comes in different lengths; it’s essential to select one which isn’t that much longer. Length of the hose should be considered; you might think having a long hose will help you to spread water in your garden easily, but you wonder at the end you are left with a garden hose which relies on cost you much to have, but it has very low pressure. If the hose is longer the more, it becomes difficult to handle because of low pressure and too much weight that you can’t control.

The diameter of the hose

The hose inside diameter is determined by taking the measurements of the inner part of the hose. The flow of water is established with the size of the hose. That with a larger diameter will carry more water, but it will give problems in managing it.


The best hose material is rubber; they are normally stronger and can as well last longer. The one made from vinyl can still be good, but it is susceptible to degrading if in harsh conditions.


You must be keen to choose one that does not kink. Kicking is dangerous as it can lead to the splitting of your valuable garden.


The level of water pressure determines the power of the hose that it can sustain before it ruptures. Always ensure the burst pressure is above 350psi for the hose you wish to buy. Follow these tips to find a reliable and efficient hosepipe.