Best Short Hairstyles for Women with Round Faces

When you want great brunette hairstyles for women it can often be difficult. You may love your brunette hair but when you have a rounder face you can think it’s hard to make it less noticeable. In a way, the right haircut can help but if you don’t take the time to find the right one, it might not really work for you. So, what are the best short hairstyles for women with round faces? Read on and find a few simple styles that might work to your advantage.

Don’t Tuck It Over

Women often have the habit of tucking their hair behind their ears but when you want to make your round face a lot less noticeable you have to stop doing this! It doesn’t matter if you have long or short hair, tucking the hair back often shows a round face more so than when it’s hanging at the side of the face. It might seem a little strange to say but it’s true. If you aren’t convinced why not look in the mirror and see if you see any difference! You probably will. Pixie haircuts for women are great but many often tuck their hair behind their ears and again, it’s not going to hide a round face. Don’t tuck!

Short Hairstyles Can Work

If you have a really round face having longer hair might not be ideal. For most people, they tie back their hair during certain times such as when they’re out eating or shopping and if you want to make a round face less noticeable a shorter hairstyle might work. The reason why is simply because you can cut the hair into your face so the shape of your face appears changed because of the hair. That can be ideal and really a good hairdresser can help suggest which cut would suit your face a little more. Brunette hairstyles for women with round faces are easy to come by but it’s important to think before you jump!

Hiding a Round Face

At times, it’s not easy to hide or take away the shape of your face. It doesn’t matter if you have long hair or short, trying to make people less aware of the shape of your face is really tough to do without the right hairstyle. Far too many people think round faces mean no hair cut or style will work for them no matter what they do which isn’t exactly correct. There are many good hairstyles if you take the time to look for one. Pixie haircuts for women are nice but again they don’t suit everyone. If you don’t want a short hairstyle you can still have a longer cut, but maybe think about adding layers or bangs at the sides so it helps to hide the face.

Love Your Shorter Hair

For most people, they want to make their round faces a lot less noticeable for one reason or another and it’s not hard to see why. People can often feel self conscious about their looks and it’s important for the right cut to make the less round. It seems strange but a lot of people worry about the shape of their face. A good cut can help solve the problem. Find the best brunette hairstyles for women today.