4 Buyers’ Guide in Choosing Facial Brushes

Buying facial cleansing brushes are not just simply picking what you see cheap. In fact, there are things that you should consider first and keep an eye out. So, here in this article, we are going to share with you the steps of considering them before buying.

#1: Speed

Speed is not only applied how fast you drive your car but also when you are searching for facial brushes you may want to know how many different speed it has. Knowing how may speed your facial brushes are important to understand so you can able to use the tool. Although the single speed facial brush would do more is much better. Otherwise, we recommended rechargeable facial cleansing brushes if in case you have more sensitive skin.

If you choose more brushes with speeds the better. And not only can those who have sensitive skin benefit from the multiple speed settings.

#2: Brushes

The number of brushes is another important feature to search for the facial brush. The facial brushes usually come with one or two brushes when you purchase them. Generally, you have to look for how many kinds of brushes are available. Each brush has its own usage and benefits and having a lot of choices may help you new facial brush a huge part of your skincare routine.

In fact, there are facial brushes for sensitive skin, for everyday cleaning and for specific skin issues. There are brushes that are to make up only. Meanwhile, the larger variations are better, and it is essential to have these brushes that are the ones you need.

#3: Waterproofing Level

If you are using the new facial brush in the shower or bath, the waterproofing is a must. It’s very convenient when you using facial brush even when you showered. Sometimes the facial brush may get a bit messy so taking them in the shower helps that. Just make sure to check your brush if it is fully waterproof or water resistant.

For water resistant facial brush, it cannot be drench in water so be careful; however, it’s just fine in the shower. Find a waterproof one if you want to use it in the bath.

#4: The Power Method

The facial brush power method is another feature to consider. And as much as possible we highly recommend a cordless one. The cordless facial brush allows you to use it in the shower or bath assuming it is waterproof. Also, it allows you to move or even use it at the sink. In terms of wireless options, there are two styles that you may consider, the battery operated and the rechargeable.

Our personal choice, we recommended rechargeable facial cleansing brushes, so you don’t have to mess or bothered with batteries. But if you like vanity, then choose a battery operated one for you no need to create a space for charging dock.

Now, you all have shared our guides when selecting facial brushes on your advantage. Feel free to email us for more product inquiries or you have additional information to share.